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Our Story

How We Began

Storybook Lockets began with a vision from our founder, Candy Nelson.  We launched in the end of 2012 and opened our first store in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the beginning in 2013.  We have grown to service our customers, in all 50 states and Canada and are expanding leaps and bounds throughout 2013.

Who We Are

Our mission is to inspire, uplift and empower women of all ages by having the ability to create and live out your dreams, goals and journey by creating and sharing your Story through a Storybook Locket. Whether your journey is one of the past that you would like to celebrate or dreams for the future, at Storybook Lockets we want to celebrate YOU!  

Our passion is celebrating other people‚Äôs lives!  Everyone was put on this earth for a very special reason and we all have a unique gift to celebrate.  Whether your locket is a living dream board, a courageous story of survival and strength, a celebration of your passions and cheerful reminder of all favorite things, a memorial of a loved one lost, a precious memento of a special day, event or place, a collage of everything and everyone wonderful in your life or perhaps you are creating a locket to give someone else a thoughtful, loving gift to celebrate their life and what they mean to you.  We give you all the pieces to live out YOUR story with a custom designed Storybook Locket.    

Where We Are Going

Storybook Lockets has grown beyond our first brick and mortar location.  With our expanding web presence and customers coming from all over, we wanted to be able to provide the best customer service in the industry by providing an online store for our guests.  We are also going to be looking for and selecting retailers that embrace the mission and passion of Storybook Lockets to partner with to carry our line lockets and charms.


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